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Survival stories of common people

lost in the mountain

There are thousands of personal survival stories from average normal people. Middleaged or elderly persons who got lost by accident and managed to survive without any special skills.

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What to do if we get lost

Lost in the Woods

Got lost? No panic, there are many ways how to find orientation without a map or compass. But you should consider to take one with you!

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Survival trainings and real challenges

Survival Training

Survival training helps us to confront real survival situations. Mental strength is the most important factor for a stressful situation.

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Survival fishing not as harmless as you think

grizzly eats salmon

Thinking of protein sources for survival automatically makes one think of animals. We could argue about being more or less difficult to hunt a small animal or a fish. But you have to be as careful with fish as you

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The edibility test


There are no external indicators in plants that tell you if it is poisonous for people or not. Either you know your plants or you don’t! And there are no recipes to tell them apart. If you think these wonderful

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Pocket knives as livesavers

swiss army pocket knife

When I grew up my father gave me my first little pocket knife as a birthday present when I was six years old. It was a neat marble white nacre knife. I kept opening and closing it for the whole

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