Pocket knives as livesavers

swiss army pocket knife

Such a little swiss army pocket knife could be a livesaver

When I grew up my father gave me my first little pocket knife as a birthday present when I was six years old. It was a neat marble white nacre knife. I kept opening and closing it for the whole day. And that way I got myself the first cut in my little finger when it snapped on it.

I always collected pieces of wood and was fond of trying to model them to nice wooden scultptures. As it was mostly pine bark, the knife sometimes slipped and cut my hands. After this first pocket knife there came several other little ones. They were real knives for kids. It was never hurtful nor dangerous, but I had a good bunch of little scars and red stripes on my hands. My mother was not too pleased with that.

I almost forgot about these early childhood episodes until I stumbled upon some survival stories with pocket knives as lifesavers. And here they are:

First is the story of an australian farmer that managed to digg himself out of a tractor unit that had pinned his leg to the ground. He used a little pocket knife to grab around the surface rock to free himself and be able to call for help.  Just think about how important and vital such a little tool can get if you need it. You find the whole story at couriermail news (click to read more)

Then I found this page, where some cases are cited and they ask for more user stories. What they refer about it some people trapped in difficult situations that were able to free themselves out with knives.

Basically the situations they told can be categorized like this:

  • People that got stuck and had to cut something to free themselves before getting into a trap: Seatbelts, clothes or ropes that were clinging them to an inminent danger like fire  or a running machine they got trapped in.
  • People that were able to cut a rope they were hanging on and from which they could not get into an upright position again.

What are the learnings from this?

Simple as that:
Always keep some little tools on you, as you never know what could happen next. Something stupid like stumbling over a cable or belt can be a mortal trap, and something little and insignificant can be a live saver in that situation. The eternal story about size being unimportant 🙂

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